I would like to welcome you to our website on behalf of the former mayor of Imsbach.

Imsbach is situated on the southern slopes of Donnersberg and has approximately 1,000 residents. In 2018, the community celebrated the first documentary mention of the Waldmark “Albusheim”, which took place 1,125 years ago and, in some way, corresponds to the present day local sub-district.

The mining industry was probably the reason for the emergence of Imsbach. Historical documentation has shown that iron was first dug and smelted here from as early as the Roman times, if not earlier. Since the 15th century, copper, silver, cobalt, manganese, and even coal were mined here. Imsbach residents worked as miners in the ore mines for many generations until the last layer ran out in the 1920s. All subsequent recovery attempts were unsuccessful.

Today, you can visit our beautiful, idyllically located town and experience the rich history of the mining world. The former copper-silver-cobalt-mine referred to as the “Weiße Grube”, which means “White Pit”, was started as an exhibition mine for tourists back in 1979. In early 2006, the former iron ore mine “Maria” was also included. Before that, the extraction and processing of iron ores had already been featured in the Palatine Mining Museum since 2002. Through three newly established tours around the mines, you can learn about the extraction and processing of copper and iron from the numerous informative boards on the mining history of the Imsbach community.

In addition to the mining history, there are plenty of other reasons why you should visit Imsbach. For instance, I would very much like to personally welcome you to our Minerals and Fossils Fair that is held annually on the 3rd weekend of September, our fair on the 2nd weekend of October, or one of our many festivities in Imsbach.

Experience the hospitality and sociality of the Imsbach residents, and you will definitely want to come back! Or even better, extend your stay for a few more days and relax in Imsbach during a vacation on the farm, in the holiday apartments or private accommodation. The Imsbach Gastronomy as well as the Kupferberg/Kronenbuch and Gruben (mine) huts welcome you and your family as well.

Explore the Imsbach mining world or lace up your hiking boots for a hike in and around Imsbach. You won’t regret it!

On that note, I will conclude with sending best wishes and kind regards from the former mayor of Imsbach.

Yours sincerely,

Oliver Krupp

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